We would first like to welcome you to our page and say that this could quite possibly be a very defining moment in food history for you. Here at E.D.S, we set the standard in bourbon sauce.  We have created premium sauces that are good for all of your cooking needs, not just grilling. We believe in family connection and know the important role that delicious food has with that interaction. Our hope is to bring  people together, one meal at a time.

How are we different?

Bourbon sauces actually have nothing to do with the bourbon drink. Bourbon sauces are called this because they originate from New Orleans on Bourbon Street. Most bourbon sauces don't even have bourbon in them. Our does!
Our Bourbon Sauces are cooked in specially designed kettles so that there is little chance of burning. This brings us our smooth fruit flavor that combines seamlessly with our unique bourbon sauce flavor.
We are locally owned and manufactured. We are based out of Galion, Ohio and our Co-packer is out of Bucyrus, Ohio. 
Our Co-packer makes sure our products meet our strict standard of quality. 
All of our bourbon sauces are made with only premium ingredients. When you buy any of our sauces with fruit in them, you are getting real fruit puree, not from concentrates or artificial flavoring. Many other companies cut cost with using artificial flavors, and this is why you will taste the difference in our products at almost half the price of others. 
Get a jar today and see why everyone says,
E.D.S Makes it Better!